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Raid Groups
What is a raid group?
A raid group is a collection of the same players who trial together for the hardest end-game content. Being a part of a raid group means being flexible and available time-wise to attend 2 or 3 raids a week (depending on the arrangement for each group). Having to replace 2 people each run destroys the idea of a steady progress. It also requires effort and positive motivation from everyone, being open to trying new tactics, changing your builds for the benefit of a group and trying to join with ‘can do’ attitude.

What does a raid group do?
We push the most challenging end game content such as Veteran and Hard Mode versions of all trials but also all time leaderboards. Each time we complete content we try to help out whoever in guild is willing to have a go at such content and we help achieve completion.
We come to raids ready, having background knowledge of tactics, ready with ideas how to improve each time and help out the group. We try to learn from each raid as we get experience and share feedback about what can be improved next time so don’t be afraid to be vocal and share your opinions!

How can I become a part of a raid group?
Sign up and take part in open raids so we can observe your skills and trial knowledge. Contact your GM @Modaretto/@OrphanHelgen with details of why you would like to join a raiding group, what can you offer/contribute and what character you want to play on. We will do a dps check and other test runs for every application. Mention which days you can join raids and what time (from- to) in CET. Describe briefly why you would like to be a part of a raiding group and what do you expect from it as far as organization and aims are concerned.

Raid Group spots become available if people resign from a group, we have a very dedicated and motivated raiding groups, however, we do lack reserve players that can help out in raids when we are missing regular members so if you see a raid group is currently full, consider applying for elder rank, which will enable you to jump into raids each time we need a replacement. Elder rank is also suitable for players who are interested in creating and leading their own raids within the guild for all members.