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Guild Policies: definitions of ranks and raid types, code of conduct

Dragon - Guild Master @Modaretto

Coach - members responsible for training applicants and progression of raiding group members. They give feedback and can also lead raids themselves. They will contact the guild members they are responsible for and monitor their progress, give tips about gear, rotation, etc. If you are contacted by a coach with advice on how to improve, please take it to heart and try to cooperate on further progression.

Twilight – Rank for members of a particular raiding group. This priviledge comes with responsibilities; sign up to whatsapp group of your chosen raid group, follow calendar signups for raids and always signup or decline if you can't join on a particular day. Do so appropriately early in order to help your raid lead find a replacement. Continue to improve yourself, find optimal ways to support your group. If you don't know why you die in a trial, record your run and watch it after raid. Support any raids your guild is running if you are free and up for it.

Elder – Players who can take part in raid groups when needed. They can also take initiative to organise raids on their own and they are free to use Dragon's Crest TS3 for it as long as the raids are consisting mostly of guild members. If you agreed to be this rank you will be expected to join group raids whenever asked/needed, therefore prioritising guild raids over other activities, regardless of the notice period.

Adult - Players who actively join open raids, but also who constantly work to improve their performance and contribute in a positive way to guild development. They need to be interested in sharing experience and taking as well as giving advice. They need to have an extensive knowledge of all trials on Vet and Hardmode. They need to be able to complete this content without any struggle.

Young – Players who passed their trial period in guild. They occasionally sign up for open raids and are active in guild chat. They need to show progress from the time they initially joined the guild in order to advance more in ranks. This progress will be monitored by guild leads (for example; gear and dps check).

Applicant – Players who successfully passed the recruitment process and are on a trial period of up to three weeks, after which either they get promoted to a Hatchling or will be declined. They need to actively join raids, show consistent performance and skills as well as a good ability to communicate on TS in raids.


Twilight – Sign-ups are reserved for raid group memebers (Elders can sign-up as back-up), these raids concentrate on all HM versions of all trials. If a group member is missing he can be replaced by an Elder only, or through direct invitation if lower ranks. If group achieves success and completes toughest trial, we are open to helping others achieving completion there as well by taking individuals into raids when possible/when we have a free spot.

Farming Raid – Sign-ups for everyone in the guild. These raids are not always listed on the calendar and are often impulse runs organised when needed. If you want to do any farming raid (for example NMOL or NSO) feel free to ask about it in guild chat and we will try to organise a group.

Weekly Open Raid – Sign ups open for everyone in the guild. They are scheduled once or two times a week – Fridays and Saturdays. If you need more weeklies try to collect a few people and report it to the GMs and we will try to help with organizing additional weekly raids.


Attitude – Treat every raid as a progression raid. Be positive, ready and patient. Don’t get discouraged by wipes and always look for ways to improve. Check your death recap and understand why you died to be combat aware. Try to think how to avoid it in the future and help others to identify their flaws as well. Be helpful and encouraging when giving advice as well as open and tolerant when receiving one. Think of ways to improve tactics or understand mechanics. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas with the group. Trial and error is a part of development process!

Awareness – Come to raids prepared. Check our forums for any guides if such are available. Study dungeon mechanics through youtube or just ask your raid leader if unsure about anything trial-connected. Communication is key in good cooperation and progression. Be vocal and have a problem-solver attitude. Share your experience. Reaction times are crucial when dealing with new challenges, however, keep in mind everyone can have a worse day.

Group co-op – Be ready to change your setup according to the needs of the group or log on to a character that is needed in the group composition. Using synergies and buffing your group is as important as delivering top dps performance. Be aware if you are holding the group down and ask for help and improve or be ready to step down and take your time to figure out new arrangement. Progression is as much about playing with the same set of players and tactics as it is about necessary change.

Last but not least, we all have something to improve upon so stay competitive and sharp!