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5th Burn and Overall GG

modaretto / Apr 04, 2017
Well done on 5th platform burn in VMOL HM. Good group play and overall progression.

For a couple of different videos from that fight check out this thread: VMOL 5th.

We have opened up a section on our forums that can be viewed by everyone, including guests not logged in on webpage, where you can post your parses and upload particular fight videos: Parses.

I would also like to applaud everyone who is contributing to our guild achievements, even when they are just silent heroes without Youtube accounts or any other form of sharing their hard work.

The members that are either Tiamat or Twilight group memebers and upload their best runs regularly can be followed below, give them a sub! ^^ (if I missed out anyone's channel, let me know and I will add you to the list):

Stamina DK - OrphanHelgen
Magicka Sorc - srslyFaileR
DK Tank - LiofaTR
Magicka Templar - Xeratex
Magicka NB - Get Em Shauna
DK Tank - MatMate
Magicka Templar - GobiasII
Magicka Sorc - FlaringPath

happy raiding!



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