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modaretto / May 30, 2017
We recently got HM done, still holding 3rd world overall completion, 3rd HM completion. We are currently improving our tactics for each boss encounter as well as trying to tackle some of the achievements on the way.

Here's the Arc-Custodian achievement done on first try:

HM done:
modaretto / Apr 04, 2017
Well done on 5th platform burn in VMOL HM. Good group play and overall progression.

For a couple of different videos from that fight check out this thread: VMOL 5th.

We have opened up a section on our forums that can be viewed by everyone, including guests not logged in on webpage, where you can post your parses and upload particular fight videos: Parses.

I would also like to applaud everyone who is contributing to our guild achievements, even when they are just silent heroes without Youtube accounts or any other form of sharing their hard work.

The members that are either Tiamat or Twilight group memebers and upload their best runs regularly can be followed below, give them a sub! ^^ (if I missed out anyone's channel, let me know and I will add you to the list):

Stamina DK - OrphanHelgen
Magicka Sorc - srslyFaileR
DK Tank - LiofaTR
Magicka Templar - Xeratex
Magicka NB - Get Em Shauna
DK Tank - MatMate
Magicka Templar - GobiasII
Magicka Sorc - FlaringPath

happy raiding!

modaretto / Feb 28, 2017
Twilight got Hel-Ra first place leaderboards as of 27.02.2017, with a very decent score of 152k and full vitality bonus, well done and keep up the good work. We will continue working to improve this score while slowly moving onto new challenges.

Below you have a video and a few others to follow soon of some of our Hel-Ra experiences.

Ra Kotu, magicka templar dd:

Ra Kotu, healer:

Yokeda Kai, healer:

Open Recruitment
Meanwhile the guild is holding an open recruitment for:
  • an off-tank,
  • a healer,
  • and dds
for Tiamat group (raiding days Wednesday and Saturday, 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm CET, expected consistent attendance). For details contact: @Modaretto/ @SrslyFailer and feel free to fill in our application form with as many details as possible.

Happy raiding everyone!
modaretto / Dec 30, 2016
Dear Dragons,

2016 was a year we started the guild, trained our raiding groups and gained a lot of experience across all trials by completing them on HM.

Thanks to all who contributed to the development of the guild and joined us for raiding this year.

Looking forward to next year we will be focusing on leaderboards for Twilight and completing VMOL HM with our new raiding group Tiamat.

I wish you all a rewarding gameplay, and many new challenges and achievements in 2017! Be a Dragon! 🐲
modaretto / Dec 15, 2016

Having completed VMOL HM Twilight group will be moving on to getting scores in other trials (Hel-Ra, AA and SO). We will also try to perfect VMOL and get a no death run on it.

Tiamat has completed a speedrun, void and archers achievements in VMOL so far, they will be moving onto HM after New Year so hope everyone will have a good holidays break and be ready for new challenges ^^

Meanwhile here's a video of our best effort on S'kinrai and Vashai from Mat's perspective, group dps over 400k: