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[Pinned] What to post?

[Pinned] What to post?

Hey Dragons,you have been giving us some great ideas and feedback about group developments as well as personal player development. We all learn from each other and constantly improve, pushing our classes limits. To facilitate this further I create...
Small modaretto 253d
modaretto1311Small modaretto 253d

Redguard Stamina sorcerer 41.25 on 3mio target sceleton

Self buffed,was using 2x Kragh + 5x TFS + 5x Automaton ( still have only mace and axe,so possibly to improve ) dont underestimate automaton,in my opinion it is most powerfull set in trials,when almost full penetration is achieved.
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Ceasar I1384Small Ceasar I 162d

Stam Sorc 60.8k DPS Robust Lambent Centurion
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Karma2434Small Edward the BEAST 166d

Stam Sorc Kahjiit Solo 41k

Hi there. After hard work and godlike knowledge of helgen i reached 41k at 3mio dummy.It's without major fracture or any kind of support.
Small Edward the BEAST 171d
Edward the BEAST1319Small Edward the BEAST 171d

vMoL 5th platform burn hard mode

Here's a collection of the videos from monday's completion:Main Tank: Liofa Daeron(@LiofaTR)Healer: Watches-the-wind(@Modaretto)DD: Skjeggedal (@OrphanHelgen): Combat Metrics 58k aoe / 51.4K single targetDD: Obilée Failah(@srslyFailer) Combat Met...
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