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modaretto / Aug 06, 2017
A sneak-peek at what's coming in update 15.

New Dungeons: Bloodroot Forge & Falkreath Hold

ESO PTS - Domihaus the Bloody Horned HM (Stam DK)
Earthgore Amalgam hardmode - PTS (Stam DK)
Falkreath Hold PTS - All Bosses (Stamina Sorcerer DD)
Falkreath Hold HM | Horns of the Reach PTS (Tank)
modaretto / May 30, 2017
We recently got HM done, still holding 3rd world overall completion, 3rd HM completion. We are currently improving our tactics for each boss encounter as well as trying to tackle some of the achievements on the way.

Here's the Arc-Custodian achievement done on first try:

HM done: